Chimney & Masonry Repair

Chimney-masonryAre you looking for an experienced roofing company that can diagnose chimney defects, suggest the best options and then make the restoration repairs to appropriate building code standards at a reasonable price? If yes, Master Roof Repair is your ultimate choice.

The bricks and mortar that make up your chimney serves a host of purposes. The one most homeowners enjoy is the radiant heat that is captured by the brick and reflected back into their home. From a structural standpoint, brick and mortar serve to keep the rain and other elements away from your chimney flue and outside where they belong. They also keep smoke, gases and combustibles safely contained and directed to the top of your chimney and away from your home.

What We Do?

Keep your chimney in excellent condition with our range of repair, maintenance, installation and construction services. A functional chimney helps maintain indoor temperature at comfortable levels, keeping your family and guests warm during the winter. It also prevents your fireplace from becoming a fire and health hazard.

  • Chimney Repair and Rebuilding – Save on costs and get lasting results with our repair and rebuilding services.
  • Chimney Inspections – Sleep soundly at night with the knowledge that your fireplace and chimney meet the standard for solid fuel-burning appliances.
  • Chimney Crown Repairs – our chimney crown is situated on the very top of your chimney. The crown is the first structure to be exposed to rain and freezing elements. These freeze and thaw cycles begin to deteriorate the crown over time. Unfortunately crowns are often constructed from left-over mortar materials so chimney crowns may be weakened from the start. Depending on the damage to your chimney crown it can either be replaced or if there is less damage, it may be possible to seal the existing chimney.

Reach out to Master Roof Repair at the first sign of deterioration or damage to your chimney. We are specialists in chimney repair in GTA. We follow the best way to ensure your home remains a safe and stylish place for you and your loved ones for years to come.

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