Roof Deck Repairs & Carpentry

roof-deck-repairAt Master Roof Repairs, when we install a roofing system, we know you’ll find it as gorgeous as we do. We’re not just about roofs and also provide carpentry services that add style to your home. We are trusted by the homeowners in GTA for our quality services and durable repairs.

Our team of skilled roofers is adept at creating custom decks for your roof. Besides crafting a rooftop deck, we offer skylight framing. If you already have a gorgeous rooftop deck, our team can repair it to make it even more exquisite. Our carpenters will cut, shape, measure and install all the materials necessary for the job. We tackle each rooftop or skylight like it is our own, giving each job our maximum effort for stunning final results.

  • Custom Deck Creation & Repair: When it comes to your property, space is the key word. To maximize the space on your property, rooftop deck can do wonders. ? At Master Roof Repair, we can build a custom deck on your roof. A rooftop deck allows you to take advantage of all the space on your property. If your home, business or multi-residential unit has a flat roof, a deck can provide the perfect opportunity to house a barbecue, greenhouse or lounge area.
  • Rooftop Deck Repairs: If you already have a rooftop deck, we can repair it for you. It is easy to neglect maintenance of an area like your rooftop deck since you are too busy enjoying its benefits. However, like any other room in your home it needs to be cleaned and repaired periodically. Winter weather can wreak havoc on your rooftop deck, but our team can restore it to new, ensuring that you’ll be fully prepared for the season.

Why Choose Us?

Roof decks often require carpentry repairs. Damaged roof decking sections can be replaced before new membranes and shingles are added. Our roofers often repair sills, soffits and fascia boards. We have a team of expert carpenters who focus on roof repairs. We serve residential and commercial clients in the GTA.

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