Roof Insulation & Barrier Repairs

If you are in GTA and looking for a reliable team of contractors for high-quality insulation application and barrier repair, our team at Master Roof Repair can help! We know contractors that strike a balance between passion, expertise, and a strong focus on customer experience are hard to find. That’s why we go the extra mile – because your property, money, and peace of mind deserve superior solutions.

What We Do?

Adding insulation may be important however it is just as important to inspect the air barrier (drywall/plaster) and the vapour barrier to seal off areas from where conditioned air can escape through to an unconditioned living space. We specialize at:


  • Removal of Wet or Moldy Insulation
  • Insulation Top-Up Adding R-value
  • Roof Air Barrier and Air Sealing Repair
  • Roof Hatch Installation and Repair
  • Roof Assessment, Inspection and Report

If you’re not sure about the condition or the quality of the air barrier, vapour barrier or insulation or if you haven’t been in your attic, or are not sure what to look for, you could be experiencing problems and not even know it. Contact a professional who understands how these components work together as a system, and how they impact your home’s performance, so they can help you identify your needs. Consult us today to book a service call with one of our professionals to inspect and assess your needs.

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