Roof Replacement and Re-roofing

roof-replacementQuality roofing not only looks great and protects your home and its contents, but it is also meant to stand the test of time. However, what happens when that time runs out and things start to deteriorate? Not only is installing a proper roof essential to the safety and functionality of your home but replacing it when it is in poor shape is another thing you’ll need to consider as a homeowner. Frequent storms, old age, and normal wear and tear can all contribute to a worn-out roof.

At Master Roof Repair, we provide top quality home roof replacement services. Our honest opinions of the state of your roof will leave you with peace of mind, and we’re committed to earning your trust each time we work together.

What We Do?

Replacing a roof on your home is something you may only have to do once or twice. Most homeowners don’t have knowledge in roof materials and hiring roof replacement contractors, so it’s a good idea to be patient and do your due diligence. Our roof replacement solutions include:

  • Modified Bitumen
  • Solar Energy Solution
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • EPDM
  • Metal

Trust The Experts To Replace A Roofing System

You can expect your roof to last somewhere around two decades, however over time, your roofing system takes a considerable beating. We recognize that changing your roofing is a large financial investment, which is why our skilled roofing professionals will give you with a high quality system that will provide you comfort. From the roof installation to the cleanup, you have come to the best team for roofing services in GTA that you can trust.

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