Roof Flashing Repair

roof-flashing-repairRoof flashing refers to a layer of water-resistant material used to provide protection against water leakage in high-risk areas such as the chimney, vents, seams, valleys, and edges. Depending on the style and structure of the roof, flashing can be a wide variety of materials from cement and tar to more durable alternatives like steel, zinc alloy, copper, lead or aluminum.

Being a crucial barrier to water penetration leading to stains, damage, and mold, roof flashing is an important part of any roofing project. Correctly and effectively installing roof flashing is extremely difficult and should only be entrusted to qualified roofing experts at Master Roof Repair in GTA.

Do You Need Roof Flashing Repair?

The best way to determine if you need roof flashing repair is to schedule a roof inspection. Signs that your roof flashing may need to be repaired include: ceiling stains, dripping water, chimney leaks, skylight leaks, etc. In some cases flashing can be repaired, in other cases it may need to be replaced altogether. Flashing that is chipped, broken, rusty, or corroded should be replaced to provide a long-term solution.

What We Do?

Our roofers at Master Roof Repair, we offer a variety of roof flashing services in GTA including installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. Our professional roofing crews use their expertise as well as quality roofing flashing materials, and equipment to ensure that there are no gaps or areas that could become an entryway for water. Our company offers roof flashing in a variety of metals to match the look of your roof with your home or business.

If you notice signs of a water leak, contact us immediately! We will check the integrity of your entire roof by inspecting not only the roof, but also the flashing, chimney, vent pipes, skylights, and gutters.

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